Horses and Emotional Intelligence

a profound journey of self-discovery and interpersonal growth


The Horses and Emotional Intelligence Team Experience offers a profound journey of self-discovery and interpersonal growth. By working with these sensitive and perceptive animals, participants gain a deeper understanding of their own emotions, interpersonal dynamics, and the importance of empathy and non-verbal communication in effective teamwork. This unique experience leaves a lasting impact on individuals and teams, enhancing their emotional intelligence and collaborative skills.

1.      Equine Interaction: Participants engage with horses in a controlled and guided environment. These interactions can include grooming, leading, and non-verbal communication.

2.       Emotional Awareness: Horses are highly attuned to human emotions. They react to participants' feelings and non-verbal cues, reflecting back the emotions they sense.

3.       Communication: Effective communication is key to successfully working with horses. Participants learn to communicate through body language, intention, and presence.

4.       Team Challenges: Teams are presented with challenges that require them to collaborate and communicate effectively to achieve goals with the horses.

5.       Feedback and Reflection: Participants receive feedback from instructors and have reflective sessions to connect their experiences with real-world scenarios and enhance emotional intelligence.

Benefits of Horses and Emotional Intelligence Team Experience:

1.       Emotional Awareness: Interacting with horses helps participants become more aware of their own emotions and how they affect others, fostering emotional intelligence.

2.       Non-Verbal Communication: Participants learn to communicate without words, improving their understanding of the importance of non-verbal cues and body language in interpersonal interactions.

3.       Empathy: Experiencing how horses respond to their emotions can deepen participants' sense of empathy and the ability to understand the emotions of others.

4.       Trust and Bonding: Building a connection with a horse requires trust and patience. Participants strengthen their ability to trust and bond with team members.

5.       Leadership Development: Leaders emerge as they guide and communicate with the horse. The experience provides a platform for leadership development.

6.       Conflict Resolution: Participants gain insights into conflict resolution as they navigate challenges with the horses, translating these skills to interpersonal conflicts within the team.